NFB Teacher Recruitment Network

The National Federation of the Blind is initiating an exciting new program designed to attract both prospective and current teachers into the field of blindness education, and we need your help! Through the NFB Recruitment Network, we are developing a nationwide team of volunteers that will go into their communities to help spread the word about this rewarding career.

Review these opportunities, and see how you can help:

  • Presenters: As a recruitment Presenter, you will work with your local universities to make presentations to teacher candidates. We will provide you email templates that you can use to establish a university contact, a few presentation format options that you can easily customize to complement your personal style, and additional materials that you can use to promote this outstanding career.
  • Blindness Education Mentors: You will serve as a local resource to teacher candidates. Your main role is to establish a connection between the future teacher and the National Federation of the Blind. Parents of blind children, current or former teachers of blind students, and others who are passionate about the education of blind children are encouraged to become mentors.
  • Career Fair Recruitment Representatives: For this role, we need individuals who would be interested in promoting this teaching option at college, high school, or community career fairs.

Ready to Help?

Contact Natalie Shaheen at or (410) 659-9314, extension 2293

Have questions? Review our Teacher Recruitment Network Q&A

Q: How much time am I expected to give to the Teacher Recruitment Network?

A: There is no set requirement for the amount of time that anyone spends working on this project. Whether you can do one presentation a year, one a month, or one a week, it all makes a difference.


Q: To whom will I be making presentations?

A: We are trying to recruit college students who have an interest in education. We are also trying to spread the news to high school students who are beginning to explore their future career options. We certainly won't turn anyone else down who is interested in teaching blind students, but for now, high school and college students are our primary audience.


Q: Where should I conduct recruitment activities?

A: Colleges, universities, and high schools are all ideal places to conduct recruitment activities.


Q: How do I find an appropriate university faculty member to approach with this idea?

A: If you do not have any personal contacts, begin with the university's college of education website. Select a faculty member, and email them about the project. We have a sample email that you can use to make this initial contact.


Q: How do I approach high schools?

A: Call the main office, and ask to speak to the principal or to a guidance counselor. You can also ask if the high school has a career center, or related resource. High school career fairs are a good place to do recruitment.


Q: What materials will be provided to help me with the presentations or career fair activities, and how do I get them?

A: You will receive colorful brochures, attractive posters, and useful bookmarks to share with the students. All materials are in full color, on glossy paper, and they all feature our new teacher recruitment logo. We also have designed an eye-catching PowerPoint presentation that you can use. Be sure to get the materials before you make your presentation. To obtain materials, contact Natalie Shaheen at or (410) 659-9314, ext. 2293.


Q: Are there any guidelines that you want me to follow when I do my presentations?

A: The main point is to get the audience excited about working with blind students, and to get them to visit Your presentation should fit your personal style, so you should select a format that both engages the audience, and makes you feel comfortable. Remember, we have an exciting PowerPoint presentation available upon request, but conveying your personal story may be just as effective.