Welcome To Our Reading Room!

On this page, you will find a variety of articles written by blind people, blind students, parents of blind children, and teachers. These writings represent diverse positions and perspectives concerning the education of blind students; however, collectively they all share an unwavering belief that with the right attitudes, training, and opportunities, blind children can truly turn their dreams into reality. Happy reading!


Expectations: The Critical Factor in the Education of Blind Children
By Dr. Fredric Schroeder

A Brief Look at the Education of Blind Children
By Carol Castellano

Teacher Recognition Letter
By Barbara Cheadle

In Praise of a Teacher: Thank You, Mrs. McGee
By Zena Pearcy

In the Driver's Seat
By Heather Field

The Rewards and Continuing Challenges of Teaching Blind and Visually Impaired Students
By Tami Dodd Jones

Kendra's Kindergarten Year: As Good As It Gets
By Stephanie Kieszak-Holloway

Yogi was Right
By Dr. Ruby Ryles