Finding a Program

Finding the right program is the first step in becoming a teacher of blind students. On this page, we have collected the names and contact information of colleges and universities in the United States that offer teacher preparation programs in the area of blindness education. You will notice that there are programs all over the country that you can apply to attend, so finding the right one for you may take a little looking around. Here are some questions that you may want to ask the program:

  • Do you offer any financial assistance?
  • Do you have any current students or graduates that I can speak to about their experience in your program?
  • How much experience will I receive working with blind children and their families?
  • Does your program assist with job placement upon graduation?

Attention Program Directors

We want to have the most accurate and up-to-date information on this page that prospective students can use to connect with your school. If your university program is not listed, or if there is incorrect information about your program, please e-mail Natalie Shaheen so that she can make the appropriate changes.

Programs Listed by State


University of Alabama, Burmingham
Dr. Mary-Jean Sanspree
(205) 934-6723


University of Arizona
Dr. Jane Erin
(520) 621-0945


University of Arkansas, Little Rock
Dr. Jennifer Hune
(501) 569-3263


California State University, Los Angeles
Cheryl Kamie-Hannan
(323) 343-6297


San Francisco State University
Dr. Amanda Lueck
(415) 338-1080


University of Northern Colorado
Dr. Paula Conroy
(970) 351-1651 or (970) 351-2691


Florida State University
Dr. Sandra Lewis
(850) 644-8409


Illinois State University
Chris Clark
(309) 438-8957


Northern Illinois University
Dr. Gaylen Kapperman
(815) 753-8453 or (815) 753-8459


Ball State University/Indiana State University Collaborative Program
Sharon Bryan
(800) 622-3035


University of Northern Iowa
Susan Brennan
(319) 273-7841


University of Louisville
Dr. William Penrod
(502) 852-0557


Louisiana Tech University
Dr. Ruby Ryles
(318) 257-4554


University of Louisiana, New Orleans
Dr. Randall Scott
(504) 280-6609


Boston College
Susan Bruce
(617) 552-4239


University of Massachusetts, Boston
Laura Bozeman
(617) 287-4385


Eastern Michigan University
Alicia Li
(734) 487-7120


Western Michigan University
Donna Brostek Lee
(269) 387-5944


Minnesota Consortium
Clay Keller
(612) 638-1537


The University of Southern Mississippi
Dr. Hollie Filce
(601) 266-6376


Missouri State University
Paul M. Ajuwon
(417) 836-5397


University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Ellin Siegel
(402) 472-9867

New Jersey

The College of New Jersey
Dr. Amy Dell
(609) 771-2308

New Mexico

New Mexico State University
Dr. Jackie Wood
(575) 646-4121

New York

Dominican College
Dr. Rona Shaw
(845) 848-4081


Hunter College
Dr. Rosanne Silberman
(212) 772-4740
Dr. Ellen Trief
(212) 772-4110


Teachers College, Columbia University
Peg Cummins
(212) 678-3878 or 212-678-3880

North Carolina

North Carolina Central University
Beth Harris
(919) 530-5346 (NCCU) / 919-715-6342 (GMS)

North Dakota

University of North Dakota
Ms. Kari Chiasson
(701) 777-3236

Dr. Myrna Olson
(701) 777-3188


Ohio State University
Peter V. Paul, Ph.D
(614) 292-5392
Tia Jones
(614) 292-5392


The University of Toledo
Dr. Sakui Malakpa
(419) 530-2047


North Eastern State University
Dr. Lillian Young
(918) 456-5511


Portland State University
Jim Bickford
(503) 725-5495


Kutztown University
Dr. Debra Lynch
(610) 683-4290


Salus University
Dr. Brooke Smith
(215) 780-1502


University of Pittsburgh
Lynn Fox
(412) 648-7308

Puerto Rico

University of Puerto Rico
Dr. Carmen Pujols
(787) 764-0000

South Carolina

South Carolina State University
Dr. Gloria Hayes
(803) 536-7118


South Carolina State University, Upstate
Dr. Tina Herzberg
(864) 503-5572

South Dakota

Northern State University
Dr. Connie Geier
(605) 626-3169


Middle Tennessee State University
Dr. Lesley Craig-Unkefer


Peabody College - Vanderbilt University
Karen Blankenship
(615) 343-8749


Stephen F. Austin State University
Dr. Dixie Mercer
(936) 468-1142


Texas Tech University
Dr. Rosita Moore
(806) 742-2345


University of Utah in collaboration with Utah State University
Dr. Janice N. Day
(801) 585-3925


George Mason University
Holly M. Lawson
(703) 993-3670, ext. 40170

West Virginia

Marshall University
Dr. Robert Angel
(304) 746-8941


West Virginia University
Dr. Mary Ellen Zeppuhar
(304) 293 4692


Silver Lake College
Sister Mary Karen Oudeans
(920) 686-6157

Additional Programs

Hadley School for the Blind - Utah State University Partnership
Linda Alsop
(435) 797-5598