Teacher of Tomorrow Program

Class of 2010


The Roster

Kina Blackburn, Portland State University

Alethea Chisholm, Salus University

Cindi Eskew, Louisiana Tech University

Aaron Fallon, Louisiana Tech University

Krystal Gable, Missouri State University

Brooke Jensen, University of Louisville

Grace Katolas, University of Northern Colorado

Oluyomi Koya, Salus University

Tara McCarthy, Ohio State University

Neil Maxwell, University of West Virginia

Kathy Michielsen, Portland State University

Kelly Newsom, Missouri State University

Gillian Pilcher, George Mason University

Mary Robinson, University of Northern Colorado

Katherine Russell, Salus University

Megan Rutschilling, Ohio State University


Words of Wisdom

"The most rewarding thing about teaching blind students is helping students reach their goals. With each achievement, students gain confidence, independence, and a motivation to meet and succeed future challenges. When a student with a visual impairment completes a task they never thought they could, they begin defeating the belief that vision is necessary for success." 

--Katherine Russell, Salus University


"One trick-of-the-trade for learning Braille is practice, practice, practice, then practice some more."

--Gillian Pilcher, George Mason University


"The most challenging thing about teaching blind students is changing stereotypes or false beliefs about individuals who are blind and ending low expectations that limit their potential."

--Brooke Jensen, University of Louisville


Teacher Leaders in the News

Fremont Tribune - FPS teacher watches blind man drive