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The National Federation of the Blind Teacher of Tomorrow Program provides participants an opportunity to enhance their educational experience by learning about blindness from successful blind adults, parents of blind children, and blind students. The program addresses questions that participants may have about how blind people succeed in school, how they contribute to their communities, how they obtain employment, how they raise families, and how they manage their blindness so that it does not become a barrier to their success. Further, one of the leading objectives of this program is to share methods on how to discuss blindness with students and how to best encourage them to develop positive attitudes about blindness. 


The Teacher of Tomorrow Program also exposes participants to the latest in instructional strategies, access technology, and countless blindness resources. Through this program, participants will also enjoy forming friendships with other professionals in the field of blindness education. 


We provide this training via weekend workshops, online mentoring, and participation in NFB events. The Teacher of Tomorrow Program is a wonderful opportunity to connect what students learn in their courses with the lived experiences of blind people. We encourage students who are presently enrolled in teacher training programs to apply today! 


The NFB Teacher of Tomorrow Program will feature:


  • Interactive Workshops: We will invite you to participate in hands-on weekend workshops at the headquarters of the NFB in Baltimore, Maryland and at other locations around the country.
  • In-person and Online Mentoring: You will be paired with a current teacher of blind students to provide you mentoring and support during your teacher training. We will also connect you with a blind adult or parent of a blind child to help answer some of your blindness-related questions. 
  • Hands-on Teaching Opportunities: We can give you a chance to try out your emerging teaching skills by offering you opportunities to work with blind students. 
  • Professional Development: We can help you attend the largest gathering of blind people in the world—the NFB national convention. At this convention, you can attend workshops for parents, teachers, and blind youth.
  • Advocacy: We can give you the opportunity to attend Washington Seminar, an annual gathering in Washington, D.C. where blind people and other interested individuals educate members of Congress on key national issues to the blind community. 
  • Resources: We can help you access a wealth of blindness-related literature that reflects the authentic experiences of blind children, teachers of blind students, parents of blind children, and blind adults.
  • Scholarships: We can notify you of the latest scholarship opportunities.

Students learn to use a chainsaw while wearing sleepshades.


If you have questions about the NFB Teacher of Tomorrow Program, contact Natalie Shaheen at nshaheen@nfb.org or (410) 659-9314, ext. 2293.


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